We are Bottling Batch One!

We are busy bottling Batch One of Sun Dog 130! We know how much our friends love us as they handle each bottle as if it were a newborn.  A lot of love and care has gone into distilling this product; and just as much is being put into the packaging. We hope you can feel it and taste it when you give it a try. We were approved yesterday to go on the shelves of ABC stores in North Carolina; and we expect to be through the warehouse and in your local ABC store in a few weeks. We promise, no one is in a bigger hurry to have Sun Dog 130 on the shelves than we are. We appreciate the patience of all of you who have been supporting us along the way! 

Thank you to our bottling team! Alexis, Larry M, Larry K, Jarrod, Hannah, Kara, Parr, Chuck, Judy, Deanne, Georgia, Nick, Julia, and Van!

Here is some video: tinyurl.com/olntvcq