We have now bottled batches 1-12 and Thom and I would like to tell you about our favorites and hear how you like them and if you've compared any batches yet.

Thom oversees all the blending of the batches. Because we don't cut our product we achieve the 130 proof by taking 3 runs or so and averaging out the lower proofs with the higher proofs until we have a product that is exactly 130 proof or 65% alcohol by volume. In doing so, we strive to balance out the high proof bite with the lower proof sweetness, all the while providing an authentic, traditional moonshine experience..

What I like about Sun Dog 130 is the smoothness. I like it when it has a sweet finish. I'm told that we have the sweet finish due to the barley that Thom has added to our original recipe which was first based on a corn/rye blend. We took the rye out and replaced it with barley. We have tried several types of NC barley and are right now using a 6 row barley from Asheville, NC.

Thom likes to taste character in a batch. He wants to taste the grains and as he points out, he doesn't mind if it bites the tongue at first taste, he just doesn't want anything to go out the door that has a burn that stays with you and our folks work hard to make sure it never does.

My favorite batches are 1, 6 and 9 so far. They are super smooth and finish sweet. Thom loves the character that comes through in 3 and also likes the balanced taste of 10, 11 and 12.

Let us know which batches you like. We want your tasting notes! Email me at and tell me what you think and how you like to drink your Sun Dog 130.