While the hard work of creating a great distilled spirit begins with fermentation, the concept for one begins with a cocktail glass. All of our spirits were conceived and are crafted with bartenders and bar patrons in mind. From the foundation of the grain bill through to the flavor profiles, each of our spirits, in their own way, lend themselves to a wide range of cocktail options. Visit our recipes page for some of our favorites, or create your own!



Conviction Small Batch Straight Bourbon is a sour mash whiskey in the old tradition. It is barreled at 105-proof and bottled at cask strength after a minimum of two years aging. It has a smooth, sweet finish with strong vanilla, clove and honey notes. Conviction is excellent for all fine whiskey drinking applications, from Neat and Rocks to creative craft cocktails as well as the time-tested standards. Conviction was awarded Best Bourbon Under Four Years at the New Orleans Bourbon Festival. It was awarded a Gold Medal at the MicroLiquor Spirit Awards and a Double Gold Medal at the Fifty Best Bourbons Competition. Read a review of Conviction on Liquor.com here.


Sun Dog Pink Lemonade


Sun Dog Pink Lemonade was recently named the Spirited Lemonade of the Year at the Berlin International Spirits Competition and also won a Platinum Medal at the SIP Awards. Sun Dog Pink Lemonade is a 45-proof, handcrafted corn whiskey blended with fruit juice. Simply put, we believe Sun Dog Pink Lemonade to be the best distilled spirit in its class. Lower proof, tart-sweet lemon flavor and bright color make it perfect for daytime and brunch cocktails, beach sipping mixed with a bubbly soda or in chilled shooters to get a weekend party started.



Sun Dog 130, winner of a Gold Medal at the San Diego Spirits Competition, a Gold Medal at the Fifty Best American Whiskeys Competition and a Silver Medal in Louisville at the American Craft Spirits Competition, is big, smooth and, best of all, authentic. Sun Dog 130 is still-proofed and comprised of the dead center of the hearts of each distillation run, and then blended to an even 130 proof. This is corn whiskey (white liquor) as it once was. It is the Moonshine of lore that fueled rebellions and feuds and NASCAR and celebrations beyond counting, sold at its pre-cut proof with the revenuers paid up front for your convenience!


Sun Dog Apple Dumplin'

Sun Dog Apple Dumplin’ won a Silver Medal in New Orleans at the American Whiskey and Bourbon Competition. It is a 45-proof, handcrafted corn whiskey mixed with fruit juice. Lower proof combined with the comfortable warmth of apple and brown sugar make Apple Dumplin’ a fall and winter seasonal favorite, perfect for hot toddies, dessert pairings and a little low-impact yet flavorful holiday cheer amongst friends and family.